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Infographics: Metrics, Collaboration, And The Path To KM Enlightenment

When utilizing metrics, take care to make sure you are choosing the right numbers to measure! Measuring the wrong metrics could seriously affect your company’s progress. Take a look at these Six Faults of Counterproductive Metrics.

“The web has done nothing short of revolutionizing the concept of communication. This is especially evident in how businesses work together in the ever-transforming digital age. Here’s a look at what collaboration means and how it has evolved in the enterprise: Dare To Share: A New Culture Of Collaboration In The Enterprise.”

“The average organization today has many implementations of Knowledge Management varying in size and complexity. There are simple implementations, with limited knowledge sources and virtually no maintenance required; there are highly complex ones managing multiple repositories of knowledge and functions. Is there a way to appease the chaos? The Path To KM Enlightenment: How To Reach Nirvana.

“The explosion of available information made possible by the Internet is amazing. But it’s simply not true that this all leads to better productivity. In fact, in many ways this information deluge produces the opposite result. Take a look at the consequences of an information overload along with some ways to cope with it: Reining In The Information Deluge.


An Infographic… On Infographics!

via Gillian Neer:

“How do you make an infographic, anyway?”

Welcome to the age of the infographic. Rapidly improving technology has encouraged internal and external communications of an organization to move at lightning speed. Meanwhile, the professional attention span is shortening as communication gets faster, increasing the need for concise and quickly-digestible information. Infographics efficiently communicate complex information in a precise and visually pleasing way, and are therefore gaining traction in all departments in an organization — no longer limited to Marketing. Very soon, all research teams will be expected to know how to create and distribute these data graphics. Learn about the elements and details of an infographic… with this neat infographic.

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