Sumana Ramakrishnan‘s background spans the fields of business, politics, and law.

She is currently an Consultant at Capco in the Banking Division, where she is engaged as Communications Lead on a Change & Implementation initiative for a top global bank.

Sumana was previously an Analyst in the Digital Transformation practice at Infosys Management Consulting Services. Her project work at Infosys included detailed business requirements gathering for a Product BRD and two End-User BRDs in a Telematics engagement for a Fortune 100 Automotive client.

Additionally, Sumana is experienced in boutique technology management and process improvement consulting. At Integrated Management Services, Sumana oversaw a company-wide Salesforce.com implementation, as well as the strategic design and implementation of an analytics-driven marketing program.

Prior to Integrated Management Services, Sumana spent two years as a paralegal at the well-reputed labor law firm Virginia & Ambinder LLP, where she specialized in legal operations relating to wage & employment cases. She served as a translator and point person on a high-profile case against a large New York construction company.

Sumana’s project work also includes economic and policy research at IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure for the Electrical & Electronic Waste Recycling industry infrastructure project, a division of the firm’s India Waste Management strategy. She delivered a commercial policy presentation to senior management, proposing a method of nationwide implementation of “extended producer responsibility.”

Sumana is a graduate of New York University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and minors in Business Administration & Middle Eastern Studies. She is actively and passionately interested in domestic and foreign political policy and strategy, and has written extensively on the United States’ relationship with the Middle East.

Her other interests include literature, Bharatanatyam classical dance, South Park, and ZICO chocolate-flavored coconut water.


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