Dug This Up… Thoughts On Corporate Crime

‘Corporate bodies cannot commit crime, only individuals can be criminal, and the law should be framed accordingly.’ Discuss.

The nature of corporate crime is one that has skulked in the shadows of its mainstream, more conventional sister crimes for years – public awareness of white collar crime has certainly increased recently, but there still lingers a vague mystery that surrounds corporate criminal action. In fact, defined by its sophisticated planning and execution, corporate crime often skirts around the legal boundaries and regulations set forth to prevent crime in the first place. Yet perhaps the most intriguing aspect of corporate crime is the balance of its interpretation of an individual’s role within a larger corporate body: whether or not an individual chooses to make conscious decisions within a company, or if he is subject to a higher authority; what if that individual is the higher authority? Still, even with the complex roles that the individual member plays within the system, the corporate body as its own entity functions as a powerful, intelligent force – one that the legal and social systems of society must reckon with in their continuously evolving pursuit of justice… Keep Reading.


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