Leveraging Market Insight

Law firms are ancient champions of client relationship management, and are now finding opportunities to leverage marketing technology to enhance that relationship management. Proskauer Rose LLP is an example of a law firm that has done just that, using its newly launched Intranet to drive client relationship expansion and service initiatives. Proskauer’s Intranet includes pages for its top 150 clients, as well as in-depth portals and daily e-briefings for its client relationship expansion targets, magnet practice areas, and core industry sectors. Content management is combined for both the Intranet and the firm’s public site, and the Intranet features a post of the firm’s new clients in the past five days for easy reference.

Intranets provide value in their ability to improve information sharing and collaboration. Still, if the full benefits of corporate Intranets are to be realized, legal CIOs and CMOs must emphasize a close working relationship between marketing and technology. The technology of Intranets and the valuable information that is shared through an Intranet should be exploited in marketing efforts. See (Chief Architect at Hubbard One) Shawn Samuel’s Top Five Tips for Harnessing Marketing Technology:

  1. Provide teams with metrics on your e-marketing activities. Nothing drives adoption like measurable signs of success.
  2. Keep track of your attorneys’ Twitter followers, clients and prospective clients. Cross-reference them with ERM to find and leverage firm relationships to those individuals.
  3. Encourage the use of LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Use them to promote events and drive traffic to blogs and corporate websites.
  4. Get attorneys to tweet about new blog posts on Twitter. This can drive traffic to your site and help to promote podcasts, videos, events, webinars and groups.
  5. Don’t ignore the power of newsletters, print and “old media.” Aim for two-way traffic between old and new. Remember: social media power users “re-tweet” blog links and make news go viral.

Also, be sure to listen to Mr. Samuel’s podcast in which he discusses top trends in marketing technologies.


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