Key e-Discovery Issues of 2011

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel published a thought-provoking article by United States Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck and practicing attorney David J. Lender on the “10 Key E-Discovery Issues in 2011: Expert Insight to Manage Successfully.” The duo offer practical advice on how to overcome the hurdle of the high cost of e-discovery and other key issues that companies face today in the e-discovery process. As the authors say themselves:

“Conferences are held through the year, technology continues to improve, and more and more consulting firms and law practices are being formed to assist in navigating the e-discovery process. Yet, in conversation after conversation with companies, they continue to be concerned about the explosive cost of electronic discovery, the lack of predictability, and the risk of serious…sanctions for the attorneys involved.”

Their article discusses the ten key issues that companies face and offers insight into how to manage those issues in the future.

Note: Hon. Andrew J. Peck was a key speaker at this year’s LegalTech New York for the January 30th Plenary General Session on the topic of “Man vs. Machine: The Promise/Challenge of Predictive Coding and Other Disruptive Technologies.”


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